Meningitis Now staff member Meagan Ullrich

The passion and drive of our volunteers to help others is heart-warming and inspiring

Meagan Ullrich

Volunteer Officer

Hi! I'm Meagan, Volunteer Officer at Meningitis Now

The year you joined the charity

January 2020.

A brief overview of your role – what are you responsible for?

I help recruit and develop our brilliant volunteers, and support them to raise awareness about meningitis in their communities.

Your favourite part of your role

The majority of our volunteers come to us after a personal experience with meningitis and give us so much more than their time. Their passion and drive to help others by sharing their stories is inspiring and heart-warming and I feel very lucky to work with them all.

Your biggest achievements

I'm Australian so every winter I get through in the UK is a massive achievement! I commend you all!

A fun fact about yourself

I grew up in a number of Indigenous communities in The Kimberley in Western Australia. I feel very lucky to have had that experience. I've also played the saxophone since I was 12!

How you can be contacted

You can get in touch with me by emailing or calling 01453 769 033.