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We may from time-to-time send you emails, mail or phone you regarding our work and activities such as; fundraising, events, volunteering and campaigning. These communications are designed to keep you informed of how we are supporting those affected by meningitis, how we are raising awareness and how you could get involved

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We’ve created this area to give you the freedom to choose how you’d like to receive these types of communications. You can update your preferences at any time by visiting this webpage or following the specific ‘unsubscribe’ instructions within any e-mail communications you receive.

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Meningitis Information - includes updates about the impact of the disease, vaccine programmes, our campaigns, and media activity How we support those affected - includes our Family Days, Believe & Achieve weekends, Forever Days, invitations to some key events organised by us e.g. Christmas Carol Concerts How you can support us - includes information about donating your time through volunteering or organising fundraising activities, how to get involved by taking part in an event such as Three Peaks Challenge, or our Five Valleys Walk and how you can donate to us through our cash appeals, or by purchasing merchandise e.g. Christmas cards

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