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  • Jemima

    Jemima's experience

    Jemima, a student at the University of St Andrews, Fife, thought she had flu when she woke up one October morning with a headache and high temperature.

    10 Mar 2017

  • Hannah S

    Hannah S's Story

    Hannah contracted meningitis on her 19th birthday, but like anyone her age put her headache and sickness down to a hangover

    2 Feb 2017

  • Christmas Trees

    It's ok not to feel christmasy

    Young Ambassador, Jemma Pressman knows that Christmas can be difficult if you're recovering from meningitis

    3 Dec 2016

  • LyndonPoliceInterceptors

    Lyndon’s night out with the police

    Young Ambassador Lyndon met with Channel 5's Police Interceptors PC Mike ‘Spike’ Fisher and Sergeant Kev Salter

    24 Nov 2016