Trusts and foundations

Our fight against meningitis requires long-term investment. And with no Government funding, the support that we receive from individuals, trusts and foundations is essential to us

Major individual gifts

Your generosity will make an enormous difference to the people we help. Together, we can:

  • Fund lifesaving research into the cause and prevention of meningitis
  • Save lives by raising awareness of the disease
  • Reach even more families whose lives have been devastated by meningitis with our free tailored support services

As a valued supporter, you will:

  • Receive regular personal updates on our work and the impact your support has made
  • Be invited to attend exclusive events and receptions and meet senior charity staff
  • Be invited to visit research labs and meet some of our expert scientists
  • Be thanked publicly through all key communications (if appropriate)
Work with us 

If you would like to save and change lives with us, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Sheena Mason on or 01453 769023. 


Ulster Garden Villages Limited is delighted to provide funding for Meningitis Now

"We have been impressed by the professional approach and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers of the Charity. Meningitis Now touches lives at the point of diagnosis and then continues to offer support in so many practical ways."

"Their key investment in the fight to end the spread of meningitis through immunisation, education, support and awareness means that lives are being saved.  Just one example of this is the helpline service which provides access to a specially trained nurse.The entire wrap around service provided by Meningitis Now has the power to affect change and help with life after meningitis. We were also privileged to meet some individuals and families who have been affected by meningitis and their personal stories show the importance of the worthwhile efforts of the charity."

Valerie Ingram

Trusts and foundations

Donations from charitable trusts and foundations make up a significant amount of our overall income. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to support as many families, or raise as much lifesaving awareness as we do.