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Our future plans

Meningitis Now Strategy launch - link box

22 people every day are still affected by this terrible and devastating disease.

They will continue to need our aftercare and support, both now and in the future; and until meningitis is eliminated from the UK, it's vital that we continue to raise awareness and fight back against the disease.

Launched in 2021, Making a difference, every day reinforces our commitment to saving lives, rebuilding futures and continuing to make a difference in the fight against meningitis over the next five years.

It has three key objectives:

  • Fight to defeat meningitis in the UK within a generation;
  • Reach out to everyone who needs our help, support and information; and
  • Be recognised as a centre of expertise for aftercare and support

The strategy outlines our commitment to investing in lifesaving research, improving awareness of vaccines and influencing policy-makers to improve early diagnosis and treatment of meningitis. It also looks at how we will improve meningitis awareness and focus on promoting our support services more widely, directly supporting those affected by meningitis.

Read and download our strategy - Making a difference, every day:

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Watch the video:

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