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  • Believe & Achieve Sally Brown coaching blog

    Coaching in practice

    Sally, one of our fab Believe & Achieve coaches, shares her thoughts about how the Programme helps young people affected by meningitis

    30th January 2019
  • Holly becomes Believe & Achieve mentor blog

    The making of a mentor

    Having gained a new-found confidence through peer mentoring, Holly is preparing to become a mentor herself to help others

    3rd January 2019
  • Believe & Achieve 2018 highlights blog

    B&A's Best Bits of 2018

    What a year it's been for Believe & Achieve! Becky talks about her favourite bits of 2018

    17th December 2018
  • Meningitis Now Believe and Achiever turns blogger

    Believe & Achiever Ryan turns blogger

    Ryan contracted meningitis at age 19, which left him profoundly deaf

    11th December 2018
  • B&A - social media Fight for Now blog

    Getting Social with B&A

    Our Social Media Day saw Believers & Achievers sharing goals and dreams, and learning great tools for self-development

    30th November 2018
  • FfN - Meningitis is Here blog

    Meningitis in music

    Young Ambassador Ross is passionate about music, but we could never have expected what happened during his recent visit to Head Office

    10th September 2018
  • Laura Williams

    Time to get your bake on!

    Believe & Achieve Programme Administrator Laura is renowned for her exceptional bakes and is whisking up something exciting

    29th August 2018
  • FFN Jog On

    I am not a runner

    By her own admission, Becky is not a runner. But Meningitis Now's new virtual event, Jog On Meningitis, might just be the challenge she needs to kick-start a new love!

    18th July 2018
  • Lucy Fight For Now blog

    Don't delay; get vaccinated

    Lucy's cousin Emma contracted and died of Men B in just six hours. She displayed very few signs and symptoms and had no rash.

    11th July 2018
  • Michelle

    Clarity through coaching

    Michelle was a toddler when she contracted meningococcal septicaemia; now 23, she is one of the first to access our Believe & Achieve coaching

    21st June 2018
  • B&A workshop

    Smiles all round

    Laura, our Believe & Achieve Administrator, went along to our very first workshop last week; here's how she got on

    8th June 2018
  • B&A workshop

    Believe & Achieve kicks off

    Thursday 31 May saw the launch of our brand new Believe & Achieve workshop, focusing on dealing with stress and coping with change

    1st June 2018
  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador day - Ross

    Less than 24 hours to go...

    There are less than 24 hours to go until our first Believe & Achieve workshop and Becky is trying to remain calm...

    30th May 2018
  • FFN - Believe and Achieve blog

    Hitting the high ropes

    Meningitis Now's Believe and Achieve Programme Coordinator Becky (pictured left) is heading off to try the event that launched the name 'Believe and Achieve', a phrase originally created by Young Ambassador Alex Williams.

    27th April 2018
  • Believe & Achieve - Asha

    Introducing Asha

    Believe & Achieve has officially launched, and Programme Co-ordinator Becky is pleased to introduce the first of our team of mentors

    11th April 2018
  • Student Awareness Header

    Is your uni meningitis aware?

    Does your university have a meningitis awareness recognition mark (MARM)? If not, this is why they are important…

    4th April 2018
  • George

    Keeping meningitis on the agenda

    Following the loss of her cousin George's death in 2017, student Lina is fighting to keep her university - and others - aware of meningitis

    16th March 2018
  • Young Ambassador weekend

    Young Ambassador weekend

    On the weekend of 24-25 February, Becky travelled to Derbyshire for our Young Ambassador weekend

    5th March 2018
  • Summer and Jacob

    Five years since meningitis

    To mark a very important milestone in Jacob’s recovery, Young Ambassador Summer has created a new video about her memories of that time on her YouTube channel

    Summer 29th January 2018
  • Time Meningitis

    Time Meningitis

    A group of students from Claysmore school in Dorset have set up a social enterprise to raise awareness of meningitis

    24th January 2018
  • Believe and Achieve

    Believe and Achieve is coming...

    After months of research, planning and preparation we are on the cusp of announcing what happens next with our new Believe and Achieve programme. Becky tells us more...

    17th January 2018
  • Student vaccine

    Take a healthy New Year's resolution

    If you're a first-year student, make your New Year's resolution to protect yourself and your friends with a free lifesaving vaccination

    5th January 2018
  • Four years on

    Four years on

    Four years on, Sophie remembers her sister Emily who sadly passed away from Men B at just 19

    30th December 2017
  • Louise

    Don't tell me that!

    To somebody who is living with an ABI, emotions are a complicated process, especially about what is happening to them

    Louise P 20th December 2017
  • Christmas Appeal

    Deck the halls

    As we all start to prepare for the festive season, there are loads of ways that you can support us throughout December

    8th December 2017
  • Naked truth

    The naked truth

    The University of Bristol’s ‘Raising and Giving’ charity (RAG), are supporting Meningitis Now by releasing a naked calendar!

    6th December 2017
  • FFN - Believe and Achieve blog

    Help us support you

    After meeting one of our Young Ambassadors this week, Believe and Achieve Co-ordinator Becky is keen to ask for your input

    1st December 2017
  • Why Believe and Achieve?

    Why Believe and Achieve?

    Why did you become a Young Ambassador and has it made a difference to you?

    14th November 2017
  • FFN - Believe and Achieve blog

    Believe and Achieve: I didn't fall over!

    This week Becky tells us the latest Believe and Achieve news, and shares her experience of Meningitis Now's quarterly briefing

    3rd November 2017
  • Wirral Youth Zone

    Believe and Achieve: embarrassing story time

    Becky has been preparing for Meningitis Now's Quarterly Briefing this week, and is keen that history doesn't repeat itself...

    30th October 2017
  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador day - Isa

    Believe and Achieve: the plans continue

    Young Ambassadors: can you help us to shape the future?

    27th October 2017
  • Rosie Heaton

    Get protected this student week

    I’ve had meningitis and I know how it can truly change a life in an instant, get the ACWY vaccine to protect yourself at uni.

    Rosie Heaton
    Rosie 25th October 2017
  • Students

    Calling all students: Get vaccinated, get educated, get protected!

    We're marking the start of Student Awareness Week with this simple message

    23rd October 2017
  • Becky Fight For Now blog

    You can Believe and Achieve

    Hey! I’m Becky and I’m the new Meningitis Now Believe and Achieve Programme Coordinator

    17th October 2017
  • House - HoM

    Welcome to the House of Meningitis

    Like in the House of Meningitis, symptoms can appear in any order together, and some may not appear at all. If you see them, get medical help.

    27th September 2017
  • Cider

    Cider Circuit success

    Young Ambassador Sophie has recently hosted the first ever 'cider circuit', and due to its success plans to make it an annual event

    Believe & Achieve Peer Mentor Sophie Coghlan
    Sophie C 7th September 2017
  • Megan

    New student inspired to get vaccinated

    Megan is starting university this month and was inspired to protect herself from meningitis after seeing Meningitis Now Young Ambassador, Jemma Pressman, talking about how contracting meningitis changed her life

    Scarlett Mills 4th September 2017
  • Jemma

    Young Ambassador encourages students to get vaccinated

    Young Ambassador Jemma Pressman is urging students to take up the offer of the ACWY vaccine. This wasn't available to Jemma when she was at University, and unfortunately she contracted meningitis.

    Scarlett Mills 22nd August 2017
  • Emily

    A tribute to my cousin Emily

    Lucy pays tribute to her cousin Emily who died in 2014, and hopes to raise awareness of the disease which took her young life.

    Scarlett Mills 31st July 2017
  • Freya2

    Freya's work experience

    After surviving meningitis as a baby, Freya decided to do a week of work experience at Meningitis Now's head office.

    Scarlett Mills 10th July 2017
  • Christmas Trees

    It's ok not to feel christmasy

    Young Ambassador, Jemma Pressman knows that Christmas can be difficult if you're recovering from meningitis

    Jemma Pressman
    Jemma P 3rd December 2016
  • LyndonPoliceInterceptors

    Lyndon’s night out with the police

    Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Lyndon Longhorne met up with Channel 5's Police Interceptors PC Mike ‘Spike’ Fisher and Sergeant Kev Salter.

    Helen 24th November 2016
  • Parliamentary Reception 2016 - YA - F4N

    Young Ambassadors take on Westminster

    A group of Young Ambassadors, supporters and staff met with MPs this week to talk them into supporting the MenACWY meningitis awareness campaign.

    Helen 19th November 2016
  • Fiona Yelland

    Raising awareness at St Andrew's Uni

    Young Ambassador and University of St Andrews Student Fiona, has been helping to raise awareness of meningitis on campus as part of Student Awareness week 2016.

    Helen 28th October 2016
  • Bereaved parent video

    Parents create a moving student awareness video

    To coincide with Student Awareness Week, a group of parents who lost their children to meningitis have released a short video, highlighting the risk to young people.

    Helen 20th October 2016
  • Student Awareness 1

    Student Awareness Week 2016

    Student Awareness Week, 24 - 30 October is all about getting to know the signs and symptoms of meningitis and talking about the life-saving Men ACWY vaccine. #ACWYnot

    Helen 17th October 2016
  • Summer and Jacob

    Meningitis almost destroyed my love life

    Young Ambassador Summer opens up about the impact the disease had on her relationship with Jacob and their future together.

    Summer 12th October 2016
  • Poppy blog

    Poppy D recounts death of friend to meningitis

    Blogger, Poppy Dinsey, remembers the death of friend, Daniel, to meningitis just weeks before starting university as a fresher student.

    Helen 28th September 2016
  • Joe Clarke Team GB

    Meningitis survivor Joe Clarke wins gold at Rio!

    Joe Clarke who won gold at Rio for the K1 Canoe Slalom, contracted and beat bacterial meningitis at 15, after developing an abscess behind his eye.

    Helen 11th August 2016
  • Meningitis Now - Vaccine

    Law student Hope busts some meningitis myths

    Law student Hope didn't know much at all about meningitis before spending two weeks volunteering at the Meningitis Now head office in July.

    Hope S-B
    Hope 5th August 2016
  • Young Ambassador Day 3

    Young Ambassadors catch up at Head Office

    Twelve Young Ambassadors visited the Meningitis Now head office for a day of training, getting to know each other and sharing their experiences of raising awareness of the disease.

    Hope S-B
    Hope 3rd August 2016
  • Jemma Student

    Volunteering has helped me overcome massive hurdles

    Jemma contracted meningitis at her second year at uni and is now campaigning for students to get the MenACWY vaccine from their GP.

    Jemma Pressman
    Jemma P 16th July 2016
  • Lucy H Diary

    My work experience with Meningitis Now

    Fifteen year old Lucy from Lydiate in Liverpool spent two weeks at the Meningitis Now head office in Stroud as part of her Year 10 work experience.

    Lucy H
    Lucy H 15th July 2016
  • Kaitlyn Dobrow

    21 year old Kaitlyn launches her beauty vlog

    21 year old, quadruple amputee Kaitlyn has launched a beauty vlog on YouTube.

    Helen 9th July 2016
  • George Gaming Shoes

    Gamer invents gaming shoes for amputees

    George Levay is a keen gamer who unfortunately lost both hands to a meningitis infection five years ago. He has invented some gaming shoes to help other people like him.

    Lucy H
    Lucy H 7th July 2016
  • Alisha B

    Meningitis can be fatal - get the MenACWY vaccine!

    Alisha was just eighteen when she died from Men C. Students are particularly at risk, but can protect themselves by getting the MenACWY vaccine from their GPs.

    Helen 1st July 2016
  • Jacob Young Ambassador - Men's Health Week

    How I deal with stress

    Men's Health Week 2016 is focusing on the impact of stress. Young Ambassador, Jacob shares how he copes with stress.

    Summer and Jacob
    Jacob 17th June 2016
  • Amber Elliot

    A friend's point of view

    My experience with meningitis is different to what you normally read about. In 2012 I first met Emma through a charity committee set up by our school; she was supporting Meningitis Now and campaigned for it to become the charity we support as a year.

    28th March 2016
  • Emma Walker

    A Sister’s point of view

    I’m Emma and I am the younger sister of Matt and Sophie. I am a new young ambassador. My family has supported Meningitis Now since my sister was ill and I always will.

    25th March 2016
  • Louise

    Scraped knees

    The University of Portsmouth has an amazing wellbeing and support service as well as disability support and they’ve helped me too. In fact anybody with a disability or mental health issues, I would advise looking into Portsmouth.

    Louise P 23rd March 2016
  • Trek in the desert

    A trek in the desert (Part 2)

    I had managed to raise £1,355 with every penny going straight to Meningitis Now. I am so pleased that this will all go towards helping in the battle against such a life destroying disease and support all those that are so affected by it.

    Believe & Achieve Peer Mentor Sophie Coghlan
    Sophie C 15th March 2016
  • Trek in the Desert

    A trek in the desert (Part 1)

    This year marks 10 years since I was fortunate enough to make a full recovery from Pneumococcal Meningitis and is also the 30th Anniversary for Meningitis Now.

    Believe & Achieve Peer Mentor Sophie Coghlan
    Sophie C 14th March 2016
  • Charlotte H

    My life after meningitis

    Today will mark the one year anniversary since Charlotte first got taken into hospital and was told she had contracted meningitis

    25th February 2016
  • Charlotte H

    Fundraising can be fun

    Do you love socialising in the pub and listening to good music?

    10th February 2016
  • Chelsea scan

    Have you ever put your hand in a scanner?

    If you haven’t go and do it now!

    Summer and Jacob
    Jacob 9th February 2016
  • Our meningitis story

    Stories of achievement, inspiration and hope

    This year we celebrate 30 incredible years since the UK meningitis movement began. Help us through our virtual wall

    3rd February 2016
  • Fight for now

    Stuck for student volunteer week?

    Fear not – there are plenty of ways of helping us through Fight for Now

    3rd February 2016
  • Meningitis Now - Glass test for rash

    Don't just Google it

    This week Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt came out with a cracker...please feel free to ignore him

    1st February 2016
  • Tough Mudder Tom

    Feeling tough?

    Not sure if you’re tough enough to take on Tough Mudder? See what Tom, one our participants, has to say

    30th January 2016
  • Dean L

    Achieving the impossible

    At 18 months old Dean contracted meningococcal meningitis. He lost his right leg and most of his fingers.

    21st January 2016
  • George P

    Follow George’s around the world adventure

    Okay so we know most backpackers are pretty outgoing and adventurous, that’s no surprise, they’ve packed a rucksack and got on a plan to travel thousands of miles on their own

    19th January 2016
  • Iceland

    Check out our new events

    Looking for a new, fun way of getting involved with Meningitis Now?

    15th January 2016
  • Jemma Pressman

    It's not all doom and gloom

    This time 2 years ago I was still in intensive care

    Jemma Pressman
    Jemma P 9th January 2016
  • Vaccine

    Don’t risk your life – get the ACWY vaccine

    If I told you that nearly 50% of students in the UK we’re willingly putting their lives at risk, you would think I’m being crazy, right?

    7th January 2016
  • Three peaks

    Tired of the same old New Year’s resolutions?

    Every year we pledge to ‘better’ ourselves in some way or another, whether it’s giving up chocolate, starting the gym or cutting down alcohol

    4th January 2016
  • Mat J and Belle

    My best friend's fight for life

    Seeing your best friend fighting for their life is something you aren't likely to forget in a hurry

    22nd December 2015
  • Forest Green FC logo

    Attention football fans

    Remember the ever so faithful Nokia 3210 that could pretty much be run over by a tank and still live on?

    19th December 2015
  • Lauren Booth and Prince Harry

    Good work Lauren!

    We have to admit we’re a little jealous of meningitis survivor, Lauren Booth, after she managed to get a cheeky snap with Prince Harry (swoon)

    18th December 2015
  • Fight for now

    Putting off that doctors appointment?

    Christmas is a busy time of year and you probably have a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm…the phrase ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ springs to mind, but there are some things you really shouldn’t put off

    16th December 2015
  • Rosie Heaton

    Congratulations Rosie

    You’re now looking at our ‘Young Rising Star’ 2015

    9th December 2015
  • Meningitis amputee Young Ambassador Lyndon Longhorne

    Believe and achieve

    Over the years, I have received a lot of support from Meningitis now, from going to new locations and meeting new families and supporting them by showing what i can do

    Meningitis amputee Young Ambassador Lyndon Longhorne
    Lyndon L 7th December 2015
  • Louise Greer

    I'm not what happened to me, I'm what I chose to become

    Today is limb loss day. I’m not sure if everyone knows my story but ill give you the short version. When I was two and a half I had meningitis and, as a result, I am now a quadruple amputee.

    Louise Greer
    Louise G 3rd December 2015
  • Rosie Heaton

    My name’s Rosie, and I’m 18

    Today I’ve been asked to tell you my story

    Rosie Heaton
    Rosie 2nd December 2015
  • Tough Mudder

    Are you up for the challenge?

    It’s hard, it’s long, it’s dirty and it’s going to get you hot and sweaty. It’s Tough Mudder

    30th November 2015
  • Rosie Heaton

    Making our voice heard

    Last Wednesday, the 18th November, the Young Ambassadors went on mass to London to host a Parliamentary Reception

    Rosie Heaton
    Rosie 27th November 2015
  • Toby Adlington

    A new recruit joins the YA army

    Meet 16-year-old Toby Adlington, the newest addition to our YAs

    25th November 2015
  • Christmas Appeal

    Make this Christmas extra special

    What do you think of when you think of Christmas?

    19th November 2015
  • Fight for now

    WTF do you know about meningitis?

    Everyone loves a good quiz….so here’s ours!

    17th November 2015
  • Jemma and Summer

    Say hello to Summer and Jemma

    We’d like to introduce you to Summer Whittaker and Jemma Pressman, the newest members of our Young Ambassador team

    16th November 2015
  • Glass test on rash for meningitis and septicaemia

    Lifesaving information banned by Facebook

    There are some things that Facebook just doesn’t want you to see, but should our awareness images be one of them?

    13th November 2015
  • Ill young person - suspected meningitis

    Look out for your mates

    Winters here! The clocks have gone back, the evenings are darker, it’s cold, it’s wet and your sofa’s calling

    10th November 2015
  • Jemma

    It'll never happen to me

    In August 2012 I got my A-Level results and found out I got into the University of Leicester to study law. I had so many mixed emotions

    Jemma Pressman
    Jemma P 4th November 2015
  • Fight for now

    The impact of the dreaded ‘M’

    If someone in your family or a friend has had meningitis, you’ll know that it affects those closest to them, more than you think possible

    3rd November 2015
  • Fight for now

    We need people

    We need people. Everyone needs people. When something happens to you as a kid that is so out of your control and so completely life changing, the world becomes a simultaneously full of possibility and infinitely terrifying

    Louise P 2nd November 2015
  • Meningitis Now Helpline - phone

    Advice from the experts

    We asked our team of experts for their top tips on keeping safe and protecting yourself against meningitis

    29th October 2015
  • Louise

    Uni - Getting started

    Whilst not entirely pleasant, the Men ACWY vaccine is essential for all freshers this year and should be one of the first thing you get

    Louise P 27th October 2015
  • Rosie H

    Pre-uni jitters

    When you’re starting university with a long term health condition, it doesn’t feel like you’re rocking on the same ship as everyone else!

    Rosie Heaton
    Rosie 25th October 2015
  • Louise

    Do you want to die? No? Get the vaccine

    So, I got an email over the summer from the University of Portsmouth (the place that is about to become my home). The subject line: Meningitis

    Louise P 24th October 2015
  • Fight for now

    Apprehensive about starting uni? Aren't we all!

    Have you ever been dreaming of something for years but simultaneously, find yourself terrified when it finally approaches?

    Louise P 24th October 2015
  • Fight for now

    Meningitis doesn't affect me......does it?

    Meningitis only affects babies, right? Wrong.

    Carrie Bater 23rd October 2015
  • Meningitis amputee Young Ambassador Jacob Gray

    Should you be worried about meningitis?

    Hangovers, ‘Fresher’s Flu’ and STI’s will be familiar terms for you as a first year student when thinking about your health, but you might be surprised to learn that you are also at a high risk of contracting meningitis

    21st October 2015
  • Fight for now


    Thanks for dropping by to take a look at our brand new website, specially designed for you

    19th October 2015