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  • Believe & Achieve Sally Brown coaching blog

    Coaching in practice

    Sally, one of our fab Believe & Achieve coaches, shares her thoughts about how the Programme helps young people affected by meningitis

    30th January 2019
  • Holly becomes Believe & Achieve mentor blog

    The making of a mentor

    Having gained a new-found confidence through peer mentoring, Holly is preparing to become a mentor herself to help others

    3rd January 2019
  • Believe & Achieve 2018 highlights blog

    B&A's Best Bits of 2018

    What a year it's been for Believe & Achieve! Becky talks about her favourite bits of 2018

    17th December 2018
  • Meningitis Now Believe and Achiever turns blogger

    Believe & Achiever Ryan turns blogger

    Ryan contracted meningitis at age 19, which left him profoundly deaf

    11th December 2018
  • B&A - social media Fight for Now blog

    Getting Social with B&A

    Our Social Media Day saw Believers & Achievers sharing goals and dreams, and learning great tools for self-development

    30th November 2018
  • FfN - Meningitis is Here blog

    Meningitis in music

    Young Ambassador Ross is passionate about music, but we could never have expected what happened during his recent visit to Head Office

    10th September 2018
  • Laura Williams

    Time to get your bake on!

    Believe & Achieve Programme Administrator Laura is renowned for her exceptional bakes and is whisking up something exciting

    29th August 2018
  • FFN Jog On

    I am not a runner

    By her own admission, Becky is not a runner. But Meningitis Now's new virtual event, Jog On Meningitis, might just be the challenge she needs to kick-start a new love!

    18th July 2018
  • Lucy Fight For Now blog

    Don't delay; get vaccinated

    Lucy's cousin Emma contracted and died of Men B in just six hours. She displayed very few signs and symptoms and had no rash.

    11th July 2018
  • Michelle

    Clarity through coaching

    Michelle was a toddler when she contracted meningococcal septicaemia; now 23, she is one of the first to access our Believe & Achieve coaching

    21st June 2018
  • B&A workshop

    Smiles all round

    Laura, our Believe & Achieve Administrator, went along to our very first workshop last week; here's how she got on

    8th June 2018
  • B&A workshop

    Believe & Achieve kicks off

    Thursday 31 May saw the launch of our brand new Believe & Achieve workshop, focusing on dealing with stress and coping with change

    1st June 2018
  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador day - Ross

    Less than 24 hours to go...

    There are less than 24 hours to go until our first Believe & Achieve workshop and Becky is trying to remain calm...

    30th May 2018
  • FFN - Believe and Achieve blog

    Hitting the high ropes

    Meningitis Now's Believe and Achieve Programme Coordinator Becky (pictured left) is heading off to try the event that launched the name 'Believe and Achieve', a phrase originally created by Young Ambassador Alex Williams.

    27th April 2018
  • Believe & Achieve - Asha

    Introducing Asha

    Believe & Achieve has officially launched, and Programme Co-ordinator Becky is pleased to introduce the first of our team of mentors

    11th April 2018
  • Student Awareness Header

    Is your uni meningitis aware?

    Does your university have a meningitis awareness recognition mark (MARM)? If not, this is why they are important…

    4th April 2018
  • George

    Keeping meningitis on the agenda

    Following the loss of her cousin George's death in 2017, student Lina is fighting to keep her university - and others - aware of meningitis

    16th March 2018
  • Young Ambassador weekend

    Young Ambassador weekend

    On the weekend of 24-25 February, Becky travelled to Derbyshire for our Young Ambassador weekend

    5th March 2018
  • Summer and Jacob

    Five years since meningitis

    To mark a very important milestone in Jacob’s recovery, Young Ambassador Summer has created a new video about her memories of that time on her YouTube channel

    Summer 29th January 2018
  • Time Meningitis

    Time Meningitis

    A group of students from Claysmore school in Dorset have set up a social enterprise to raise awareness of meningitis

    24th January 2018