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  • Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve - Peer Mentor Asha

    Introducing Asha

    Believe & Achieve has officially launched, and Programme Co-ordinator Becky is pleased to introduce the first of our team of mentors

    Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve B&A staff member Becky Hartwell
    Becky Hartwell 11th April 2018
  • Meningitis Now Student Awareness Week header

    Is your uni meningitis aware?

    Does your university have a meningitis awareness recognition mark (MARM)? If not, this is why they are important…

    4th April 2018
  • Meningitis victim George Zographou

    Keeping meningitis on the agenda

    Following the loss of her cousin George's death in 2017, student Lina is fighting to keep her university - and others - aware of meningitis

    16th March 2018
  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador weekend

    Young Ambassador weekend

    On the weekend of 24-25 February, Becky travelled to Derbyshire for our Young Ambassador weekend

    5th March 2018
  • Summer and meningitis survivor and amputee Jacob

    Five years since meningitis

    To mark a very important milestone in Jacob’s recovery, Young Ambassador Summer has created a new video about her memories of that time on her YouTube channel

    Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Summer
    Summer 29th January 2018
  • Time Meningitis

    Time Meningitis

    A group of students from Claysmore school in Dorset have set up a social enterprise to raise awareness of meningitis

    24th January 2018
  • Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve young people

    Believe and Achieve is coming...

    After months of research, planning and preparation we are on the cusp of announcing what happens next with our new Believe and Achieve programme. Becky tells us more...

    17th January 2018
  • Student meningitis vaccine

    Take a healthy New Year's resolution

    If you're a first-year student, make your New Year's resolution to protect yourself and your friends with a free lifesaving vaccination

    5th January 2018
  • Four years on after Emily Styles meningitis death

    Four years on

    Four years on, Sophie remembers her sister Emily who sadly passed away from Men B at just 19

    30th December 2017
  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Louise

    Don't tell me that!

    To somebody who is living with an ABI, emotions are a complicated process, especially about what is happening to them

    Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Louise
    Louise P 20th December 2017
  • Meningitis Now Christmas Appeal

    Deck the halls

    As we all start to prepare for the festive season, there are loads of ways that you can support us throughout December

    8th December 2017
  • Bristol Uni RAG fundraising for Meningitis Now with naked calendar

    The naked truth

    The University of Bristol’s ‘Raising and Giving’ charity (RAG), are supporting Meningitis Now by releasing a naked calendar!

    6th December 2017
  • Meningitis Now Fight For Now - Believe & Achieve blog

    Help us support you

    After meeting one of our Young Ambassadors this week, Believe and Achieve Co-ordinator Becky is keen to ask for your input

    1st December 2017
  • Why Believe & Achieve? Meningitis Now explain the name of new support programme

    Why Believe and Achieve?

    Why did you become a Young Ambassador and has it made a difference to you?

    14th November 2017
  • Meningitis Now Fight For Now - Believe & Achieve blog

    Believe and Achieve: I didn't fall over!

    This week Becky tells us the latest Believe and Achieve news, and shares her experience of Meningitis Now's quarterly briefing

    3rd November 2017
  • Wirral Youth Zone

    Believe and Achieve: embarrassing story time

    Becky has been preparing for Meningitis Now's Quarterly Briefing this week, and is keen that history doesn't repeat itself...

    30th October 2017
  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador day - Isa

    Believe and Achieve: the plans continue

    Young Ambassadors: can you help us to shape the future?

    27th October 2017
  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Rosie Heaton

    Get protected this student week

    I’ve had meningitis and I know how it can truly change a life in an instant, get the ACWY vaccine to protect yourself at uni.

    Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Rosie Heaton
    Rosie 25th October 2017
  • Meningitis Now awareness - Students

    Calling all students: Get vaccinated, get educated, get protected!

    We're marking the start of Student Awareness Week with this simple message

    23rd October 2017
  • Meningitis Now staff member Becky's Fight For Now blog

    You can Believe and Achieve

    Hey! I’m Becky and I’m the new Meningitis Now Believe and Achieve Programme Coordinator

    17th October 2017