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  • House - HoM

    Welcome to the House of Meningitis

    Like in the House of Meningitis, symptoms can appear in any order together, and some may not appear at all. If you see them, get medical help.

    27th September 2017
  • Student Awareness 1

    Student Awareness Week 2016

    Student Awareness Week, 24 - 30 October is all about getting to know the signs and symptoms of meningitis and talking about the life-saving Men ACWY vaccine. #ACWYnot

    Helen 17th October 2016
  • Meningitis Now - Vaccine

    Law student Hope busts some meningitis myths

    Law student Hope didn't know much at all about meningitis before spending two weeks volunteering at the Meningitis Now head office in July.

    Hope S-B
    Hope 5th August 2016
  • Meningitis Now Helpline - phone

    Advice from the experts

    We asked our team of experts for their top tips on keeping safe and protecting yourself against meningitis

    29th October 2015