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  • Meningitis Now supporters - B&A support weekend in Center Parcs

    Believers & Achievers' weekend in the Forest

    Last weekend 11 of our Believers & Achievers got together for a fun-filled weekend at Center Parcs. Rebecca shares her experience

    13th September 2019
  • Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve Sally Brown coaching blog

    Coaching in practice

    Sally, one of our fab Believe & Achieve coaches, shares her thoughts about how the Programme helps young people affected by meningitis

    30th January 2019
  • Meningitis survivor Holly becomes Believe & Achieve mentor blog

    The making of a mentor

    Having gained a new-found confidence through peer mentoring, Holly is preparing to become a mentor herself to help others

    3rd January 2019
  • Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve B&A 2018 highlights blog

    B&A's Best Bits of 2018

    What a year it's been for Believe & Achieve! Becky talks about her favourite bits of 2018

    17th December 2018
  • Meningitis survivor Michelle receiving coaching through Believe & Achieve

    Clarity through coaching

    Michelle was a toddler when she contracted meningococcal septicaemia; now 23, she is one of the first to access our Believe & Achieve coaching

    21st June 2018
  • Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve B&A workshop - Fight for Now

    Smiles all round

    Laura, our Believe & Achieve Administrator, went along to our very first workshop last week; here's how she got on

    8th June 2018
  • Meningitis Now Fight For Now - Believe & Achieve blog

    Help us support you

    After meeting one of our Young Ambassadors this week, Believe and Achieve Co-ordinator Becky is keen to ask for your input

    1st December 2017
  • Meningitis Now Helpline - phone

    Advice from the experts

    We asked our team of experts for their top tips on keeping safe and protecting yourself against meningitis

    29th October 2015