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  • FfN - Meningitis is Here blog

    Meningitis in music

    Young Ambassador Ross is passionate about music, but we could never have expected what happened during his recent visit to Head Office

    10th September 2018
  • Summer and Jacob

    Five years since meningitis

    To mark a very important milestone in Jacob’s recovery, Young Ambassador Summer has created a new video about her memories of that time on her YouTube channel

    Summer 29th January 2018
  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador day - Isa

    Believe and Achieve: the plans continue

    Young Ambassadors: can you help us to shape the future?

    27th October 2017
  • House - HoM

    Welcome to the House of Meningitis

    Like in the House of Meningitis, symptoms can appear in any order together, and some may not appear at all. If you see them, get medical help.

    27th September 2017
  • LyndonPoliceInterceptors

    Lyndon’s night out with the police

    Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Lyndon Longhorne met up with Channel 5's Police Interceptors PC Mike ‘Spike’ Fisher and Sergeant Kev Salter.

    Helen 24th November 2016
  • Summer and Jacob

    Meningitis almost destroyed my love life

    Young Ambassador Summer opens up about the impact the disease had on her relationship with Jacob and their future together.

    Summer 12th October 2016