Meningitis amputee Young Ambassador Lyndon Longhorne

Believe and achieve

Lyndon L 7th December 2015

Over the years, I have received a lot of support from Meningitis now, from going to new locations and meeting new families and supporting them by showing what i can do

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They haven't just supported myself, but they have also helped and supported my family through tough times.

A great example would be when I was struck down with meningitis at the age of 8 1/2 months. They were behind my family 100% all the way. This has helped me as an individual by showing me that no matter what the circumstances are, and whatever the situation you're in, there is always someone their at the other end to help and support you through tough times! 

My message for young people, whether it's a toddler, or a teenager is: always stay positive in whatever situation you are in. If you need help, then ask! Don’t just sit back and think everything will be okay. Be the person that comes forward! This way, you will push yourself further and achieve a lot more!

I always say to myself "believe and achieve". If you believe in something then go ahead and try whatever you think is good for yourself, because I have faith and I’m sure you will achieve it if you put your mind to the task! 

There are a lot of things that inspire me. But the biggest inspiration of my life is the Beijing Olympics in 2008, when seeing all the amazing athletes race in the cube (aquatics pool). This inspired me to go on and try to become a Paralympic swimmer, as I knew that this was a strong sport for myself as I've always done it from a young age! Plus I love going to the gym and showing others what I can do. 

It's showing people that there's a way around anything in life! I am very passionate about swimming as this is a strong hobby of mine and I hope to help others to get into swimming so that they can inspire the next generations!