Don’t risk your life – get the ACWY vaccine

7th January 2016

If I told you that nearly 50% of students in the UK were willingly putting their lives at risk, you would think I’m being crazy, right?

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Unfortunately I’m not.

Vaccine uptake figures for England suggest that nearly half of students in the UK, eligible to receive the lifesaving Men ACWY vaccine, haven’t got it yet. 

So, this means (if we apply this theory to the UK as a whole) that approximately 250,000 first year students are unprotected against a particularly deadly strain of meningitis this winter - a time when we see cases of bacterial meningitis spike. 

This new statistic is particularly worrying as teenagers fall within the second most at risk group of contracting meningitis. So what are you waiting for?

All teenagers aged 17 and 18 and all first-time university entrants (aged 19 to 25) are eligible to receive the ACWY vaccine, which was introduced to combat the rise in Men W cases in adolescents.

But remember, there aren’t vaccines available for all types of meningitis, so make sure you know the signs and symptoms to look out for – it could save your life.

Meningitis sucks

One of our Young Ambassador’s, and University of Portsmouth student, Louise Poole contracted meningitis in 2007. She had her ACWY vaccine when it was introduced in August last year.

“I needed absolutely no encouragement to get this vaccination. Anything to prevent this disease is worth doing.”

“Students should ask themselves ‘do you want to die?’ If the answer is ‘no’, then get the vaccine.”

“For me this is huge, because honestly, having meningitis sucks.”

Louise Poole, YA

You wouldn’t risk your life by standing in the road, waiting to see if a car hits you, so why wait to see if meningitis will?

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