Believe and Achieve: embarrassing story time

30th October 2017

Our Believe and Achieve Co-ordinator Becky has begun preparations for Meningitis Now's Quarterly Briefing - but is a little anxious...

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This week I went to Wirral near Liverpool. While there I had the opportunity to meet Chris Hughes, who is a Community Support Officer for Meningitis Now. She was as lovely as I had been told and it was great to chat with her about Believe and Achieve and what we hope to do.

The other reason I was in the Wirral area was to find out about an organisation that has massive youth clubs in lots of areas including Oldham, Wigan, Bolton and Preston. I chatted to someone who has helped organise these centres and also had a look around one. There were all sorts of facilities and activities available including a climbing wall, an all-weather football pitch on the roof and green screen facilities for filming! I’ve never seen anything like it!

Wish me luck for this week. I have to do a big presentation at the Meningitis Now Quarterly Briefing. I’ve led lots of presentations in the past but one in particular comes to mind. There was a morning, about eight years ago when I’d just finished my talk to a hundred people from a high-ish platform. I’d been really nervous so I’m not sure I was thinking about how I was going to get down. Instead of walking down the two steps behind me, turning and walking down the other two I walked off the back of the platform and fell on my face. Not everyone could see but everyone heard as I still had my microphone on! As you can imagine I still get nervous about doing presentations.

That’s one of my embarrassing stories, please tell me yours if you dare and don’t forget to add me on Facebook to keep up to date with what's happening with Believe and Achieve and how you can be involved or benefit from it. There are lots of opportunities in development and these will be for you as well as others who have been impacted by meningitis.

I’ll blog next week about how things go, wish me luck.