Feeling tough?

30th January 2016

Not sure if you’re tough enough to take on Tough Mudder? See what Tom, one our participants, has to say

Tough Mudder Letterbox FFN

How many times have you taken part in Tough Mudder before?

“I did my first one last September. I had lost three stone in weight in training and Tough Mudder provided a target to help my focus. It was also a great team event as I did it with a large team from the gym. But because we went round as a team I did feel like I could have gone faster!”

What made you decide to take part again this year, not once but twice!?

“During Tough Mudder I was inspired to see some people who were on their second lap of the course. I wanted to do the course again this year but most of my team mates (although they enjoyed it once) said they wouldn’t do it again! I decided I would go solo this year but, to take the challenge a step up, I would go round twice and raise some money for charity in the process.”

Why have you chosen to support Meningitis Now?

“I chose Meningitis Now as the charity not only because I recognise meningitis as a real threat. I also have first-hand experience as my best friend caught it as a teenager. Thankfully his mum was a nurse so she spotted the symptoms quickly and he made a full recovery. I know sometimes people aren’t so lucky.”

How are you training for the event?

“I am training for the event in a few ways. Firstly I train at a CrossFit gym four times a week. I also play football once a week and try to get two five plus mile runs in every week too. I am doing a Tough Mudder Half in May with friends. It has most of the obstacles but is only half the distance. I intend to up the mileage of my runs as the year goes on, to make sure the 20 plus miles don’t destroy me!”

Do you have any advance for anyone thinking about signing up?

“My advice for anyone thinking of doing Tough Mudder would be: Don’t worry too much and be prepared to enjoy it! Whether in a team, or on your own, you will always have someone helping you over the obstacles. Every man over helps the next man (or woman!). One thing you must be prepared for is mud - I know the clue is in the name but you will wade through it, crawl through it, fall into it, climb through it, swim through it…”

“Don't worry about the electroshock obstacle either, it’s not that bad; but be wary of the 'arctic enema' - swimming through ice water is quite a shock to the system. There is a route around most obstacles should you have a real fear, but I’d say have a go at everything!”

“Good luck!”

We have guaranteed places available at eight Tough Mudder events across the country. 

Register your interest here or email Kirsty for more info on kirstyo@meningitisnow.org, or 01453 769021