Four years on

30th December 2017

With the four year anniversary of her sister Emily’s death approaching, Sophie Styles shares her experience and memories of that devastating time

Four years on

My beautiful big sister died very suddenly. She had her whole life ahead of her; she was only 19. This is my story.

Emily Charlotte Styles died on January 1st 2014 from meningitis B.

As a family we had an amazing Christmas and we loved every second of it. But little did we know it was going to be Emily’s last ever Christmas with us. On the 30th December 2013, Emily started to feel unwell…with symptoms of what we thought was a migraine and a cold.

She wasn’t at home but texted my dad on the night on the 30th December to say ‘don’t worry …I will live’. On the 31st December at about 10am our whole world stopped. We had a call from Emily’s boyfriend to tell us that Emily had collapsed and that they had called an ambulance.

We still didn’t know what was exactly wrong with Emily. But I knew it was serious when I was told she had been taken to hospital by air-ambulance. On the evening of the 31st December, New Year’s Eve, I went to the hospital to see Emily and she was in a induced coma. I held her hand and whispered to her please get better.

That night I decided to go back to my hometown and stay with a friend when my mum and dad stayed at the hospital with Emily. Big Ben was counting down from ten to roll in the New Year of 2014. I didn’t really feel like celebrating so I went straight to bed. 

On the morning of January 1st 2014 my uncle, aunty, and my cousins picked me up from my friend’s house to go and see Emily. When we got to the hospital most of my family and family friends were there.

I knew then, that this was time to say goodbye to Emily. The consultant came in and told us that Emily had contracted Men B and that it had taken over her and she was not gonna make it. I didn’t cry. I didn’t do anything I was in complete shock. My sister had gone. Since that terrible day we have raised over £25,000 for Meningitis Now and around £12,000 for the Air Ambulance in memory of Emily. I just hope no-one will ever go through something so heart shattering.