Fundraising can be fun

10th February 2016

Do you love socialising in the pub and listening to good music?

Charlotte letterbox FFN
The two tend to go hand-in-hand so why not stick them together and make it count by turning it into a fundraiser? After all if you’re going to fundraise you may as well enjoy it!

Well, that’s what Charlotte Hannibal, 19, and her friend William Fowkes did.

You may have already read about Charlottes experience on our website (if not…do it now!). 

Charlotte had just returned to university when she contracted meningococcal group W (Men W) meningitis. As a result of the disease she lost her legs below the knee and all the fingers on her left hand when she contracted the meningitis last year.

Fighting back against this disease the pair, along with an Alfeton pubs landlord and landlady Ian and Annette Edwards, organised a live gig to raise money for us, as well as prosthetic limbs for Charlotte that she will need in the future.

We spoke to Charlotte about the evening.

“Lots of locals, family and friends attended the evening - so many that the pub was filled with people standing shoulder to shoulder.”

“I’m so pleased that we can raise awareness of meningitis. The money is a fantastic thing and people have been so generous, but prevention is always the best cure for an illness like this."

“I’d like to thank everybody who helped me with the event, particularly the musicians Billy Blue, John O'Brien, Eloise Walker and Blue Savannah, and all those who came along on the evening.”

Charlotte Hannibal

The evening, held at the Queens Head raised £200 for us and a similar sum for Charlotte’s prosthetic fund. Although Charlotte has now recovered from meningitis, she has been left with a number of after-effects, which have changed her life dramatically.

“I was left with severe memory loss – I couldn’t remember being ill at all. My hearing was also damaged. I had both legs amputated below the knee and lost all my fingers on my left hand.”

“Due to severe scarring, my kidneys no longer work at the necessary rate, so I will be on dialysis every night until a kidney transplant can be achieved. Whilst I still have to attend multiple rehabilitation appointments, and spend four days a week in hospital, I’m very grateful to be alive and well.”

Charlotte Hannibal

There are lots of ways to raise money and awareness for us, and whatever you do will make a huge difference to the work we do as a charity and to those we help on a daily basis. 

The best thing is, there are not set rules on what you have to do – utilise your skills, interests and hobbies, chuck in some enthusiasm and initiative and have a fundraiser! Take a look at 'How can you help us?' page for some inspiration.