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1st December 2017

It’s training season here at Meningitis Now. In the run up to Christmas a lot of staff have been having training or have it booked in; everything from Coaching to Project Management to Measurement Frameworks

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I had training in London yesterday which also gave me the opportunity to meet up with Fiona Yellend, a Young Ambassador.

I love meeting with the Young Ambassadors and hope to do more of this as I travel around the country and also as any of you who come close to this direction. 

Fiona told me about how she became a Young Ambassador and some of the things she’s done since. It’s amazing how one hour chatting with someone can challenge you, make you laugh and offer ideas for the support needed.

I asked Fiona a double question I’d love you all to answer: 

1) What support would have helped you within a couple of years of you having meningitis or someone close to you having it?

2) What support would you like now?

If any Young Ambassadors or those aged 14-25 who have been impacted by meningitis would like to meet with me and chat about this or anything else then please drop me a message at and I’ll see what I can do. 

Thanks Fiona for a fun meet up! Not to mention the old-school celeb I saw on the way home - Charlie Simpson from Busted! Anyone remember him?