Believe and Achieve: I didn't fall over!

3rd November 2017

Becky has made it through her first Meningitis Now presentation unscathed

FFN - Believe and Achieve blog

This week I had to do a presentation for the staff at Meningitis Now and happily I didn’t fall over or do anything else embarrassing. Nerves bring out my clumsy side, my friends can testify to that.

As well as my first Quarterly Briefing, a meeting for all staff at Meningitis Now, I’ve been able to meet with the charity’s designer to work on the leaflets and folders that we’ll be giving to participants of the programme. There has also been talk about how we can get immediate feedback about the programme, something we hope might include Facebook and Snapchat and we’ve been interviewing for an assistant to the programme. I can’t believe I was in the interviewee chair just three months ago!

Next week Cheryl and I will be heading to Manchester. I’m really looking forward to meeting those who offer massive inspiration for the programme and learning all they have to share. More on this next week.

But back to Snapchat, my question to you this week is… what are your favourite lenses or filters at the moment? There were some good Halloween ones, I loved the rabbit that quickly went from cute to evil and the pumpkin that chased my bitmoji around too. Do you use Snapchat? What do you love about it?

Speak to you soon!