Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Lucy H

My work experience with Meningitis Now

Lucy H 15th July 2016

Fifteen year old Lucy from Lydiate in Liverpool spent two weeks at the Meningitis Now head office

Lucy H

Lucy  spent two weeks at the Meningitis Now head office in Stroud as part of her Year 10 work experience, working alongside her aunt, Susette Worgan-Brown, the Information and Projects Coordinator and the Communications Team.

Lucy describes each day at Meningitis Now in her own words:

Day 1

“I travelled from Liverpool Lime Street station to Leeds station. I met my auntie Suzette, and we went to Leeds Becket University to attend a conference about student health care. We sat down in a big hall and we had a buffet. 

“I learned quite a lot at the conference; how meningitis is carried in the back of people’s throats, which I did not know and how students at university are highly at risk of contracting meningitis because they are so cramped in their accommodation. We got the train back to Gloucester at 11:10 PM. I was so tired!

Day 2

“I started work in the office and I was quite nervous because I didn’t know anyone. We walked up the stairs to the office and I introduced myself to everyone. The first task of the day was that I had to make up student health packs that will be delivered to universities across England; this will inform them about why you should have information about meningitis at universities. 

Day 3

“I joined the Communications Team; they are in charge of the social media and press releases. I also found a story about an American student that has created special gadget shoes that allow amputees to play video games with their feet and I wrote a piece on why students are at risk. I composed an email to a supporter to ask for a quote to use in a blog I was writing.

Day 4

“I travelled to London to meet with a professor at UCL University. This professor is in charge of the meningitis vaccine programme, they are trying to find a vaccine for meningitis. Once the meeting had finished my auntie and I went shopping on Oxford and Regent Street. 

Day 5

“I finished a piece of writing about students at university and I had to help choose a profile picture for this blog, we also found profile pictures for a secret idea that the Communications Team had planned for the staff training day to get to know the charity’s audience.

Day 6

“I did research on the outbreak of meningitis in Stroud in the 1980s, and I had to find the names of people that were involved because BBC Radio Gloucestershire is covering the charity’s 30th anniversary. I’m quite happy that I’m missing school. 

Day 7

“I updated contact details so they are accurate. I also read through a booklet about volunteers and I made sure that there were no mistakes, and checked if there was anything I could add to it. Finally I filled in the booklet from my school about my work experience. This was my last day, and I was really sad that I was leaving, but I couldn’t wait to sleep in my own bed!”