A new recruit joins the YA army

25th November 2015

Meet 16-year-old Toby Adlington, the newest addition to our YA team

Toby A YA letterbox
Toby joins us after his younger brother, Barney, died in 2005 when he came ill with Men B. It only took 36 hours for his short life to be taken.

We spoke to Toby about his brother and why he has decided to become a YA, helping us fight against this deadly disease.

“My brother Barney contracted meningitis when he was three and a half and I was five. We were very close and he could easily have been my twin brother."

“Shortly after Barney passed away, my family began spreading awareness of how meningitis affects not only the victim, but also their friends and family.”

“I've witnessed what meningitis does to sufferers and their families so I’m proud to join the team."

“I want to not only spread awareness of this terrible disease but to help younger people understand that it can affect them, what it does and how to prevent it. I think it’s vital to be aware of the symptoms to identify the disease and act quickly."

Toby Adlington

Toby will join our army of 38 Young Ambassadors, helping fight against meningitis. I'm sure you'll be hearing more from Toby in the near future!