Meningitis Now staff member Scarlett

New student inspired to get vaccinated

Scarlett Mills 4th September 2017

Mother of three, Megan Bordon from Swallownest, Sheffield has just had the ACWY vaccine.

Megan is starting university this month to study Nutrition and Public Health. Here, she tells us how she was inspired to protect herself from meningitis after seeing Meningitis Now Young Ambassador, Jemma Pressman, talking about how contracting meningitis changed her life.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of the ACWY vaccine and wasn't aware that it was something that I needed to have.

I have a friend on Facebook called Jemma Pressman, who attended my primary school, and connecting with her actually ended up benefiting my health.

I watched her TV interview online about how she had contracted meningitis at uni and just how much it had changed her life. I couldn't believe that this could have been prevented if the vaccine had been available when she started university.

I am starting university this month myself, and nobody had made me aware that I should have this vaccine to prevent getting meningitis while I'm at uni.

I'm so glad I watched Jemma's interview because the next day I rang my doctor’s surgery to book an appointment to have the vaccine myself.

Simple procedure

It was a simple procedure. I went to my appointment with the nurse and she was saying how the vaccine was available for first year university students aged 18-25. It’s crazy that I had never even heard of it until I added Jemma on Facebook, and now I know quite a bit about it.

I feel so much calmer and at ease about going to university now - it's one less thing to worry about!

I suffer with anxiety and thinking about my health can sometimes set my anxiety off. I like to keep myself as healthy as I can for my three young children, who depend on me.

The vaccine literally hurt for a few seconds and that was it... done! I didn't suffer from any side effects other than an aching arm, but that only lasted a few hours and the nurse made me aware that my arm would ache.

I literally had the tiniest bit of minor pain, to be saved from contracting those four strains of meningitis, A, C, W and Y. I can't think why anyone would not have the vaccine if it is available to them.

I suppose I just need to be thankful to Jemma for raising so much awareness on this vaccine. I have done my part by sharing her content on Facebook, and I will continue to do so, as it could help to save somebody else.