Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Rosie Heaton

Pre-uni jitters

Rosie 25th October 2015

"Everyone will be in the same boat! You’ll be absolutely FINE!” is something that over the past few months I’ve been hearing approximately 73 times a week

But often, when you’re starting university with a long term health condition, it doesn’t feel like you’re rocking on the same ship as everyone else. At the moment, university is a big space in my head that I don't know how to fill as I have so few expectations.

Obviously, the usual worries that appear such as ‘Oh dear, I’m going to have to cook!’ and the prospect of moving out and actually having to learn to use a washing machine are (most definitely) there, but it can be quite an isolating feeling to start university with no idea how you are going to cope physically.

My worries, instead of worrying about the actual lack of cooking skills, tend to be ‘Will I have enough energy to cook?!’ or ‘Will I be labelled as boring if I can’t go out as much as everyone else?’!

Don’t get me wrong, I am SO excited to start afresh and do fun things (of course… study too!) but I can’t help but worry about the unknown…

Living with People

I have an illness that fluctuates week by week, day on day and sometimes even hour on hour.  Sometimes it gets too much and I need my sleep.

It’s how I’ve lived since having meningitis at seven, it’s my life, and I can deal with that on a day to day basis. However, when you’re being thrown into an (excitingly) unknown abyss, you can’t help but worry. The most terrifying thing for me is living with people who I’ve never met before, and who most likely love to party all night through.

The decision of whether or not to tell these people something fairly personal about my life so that they can, hopefully, gain some understanding and consideration is a difficult one. I want to be known as 'Rosie: the slightly crazy one who once won an award for being jazz hands personified’, rather than 'the one who has a few health issues and can’t party as hard'!


Freshers… ahhhh, constant partying, gallons of alcohol and all nighters… it's not going to be an option for me!

I will, of course, go to some of the parties and even drink some of the beer - I’m a very social person so I have no worries really about meeting new friends, but I am also the type of person who hates missing out on anything… 

Anyway - these are my biggest worries and I live in hope that, in a few months, I will be in the position where I can write another blog telling future uni students who might have the odd health thing going on not to worry because after all…  

Everyone’s in the same boat!