Meningitis Now staff member Helen Hillier

Raising awareness at St Andrew's Uni

Helen Hillier 28th October 2016

Young Ambassador, Fiona was shocked by the news that there were two cases of meningitis on her campus. 

Fiona Yelland 1

Since news broke last week of two new cases of meningococcal meningitis at St Andrews University, Young Ambassador Fiona Yelland has been doing everything she can to help raise awareness of the disease.

Fiona, who has personal experience of meningitis has worked closely with the university, throughout Student Awareness Week to share signs and symptoms materials and talk to students about the MenACWY vaccine.

She was on hand to talk to local press and has helped the University to provide accurate and clear information for worried students.

Thanks so much Fiona!

Fiona said:

"The commitment from both the University and Students' Association to help and reassure students has been phenomenal. The opportunity to get vaccines as part of a catch up system is so unique and students should realise that this option is one they shouldn't take for granted. 

As someone who was not originally eligible for the vaccine when the programme was introduced last year, I am excited that any student can take the opportunity to be immunised. I just hope that enough people take the time this week to go and make an appointment, and we manage to raise awareness and understanding of meningitis in the process."

More information about student meningitis awareness

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