A Sister’s point of view

25th March 2016

Hello, I’m Emma and I am the younger sister of Matt and Sophie. I am a new young ambassador. My family has supported Meningitis Now since my sister was ill and I always will. I was two years old when my eight month old sister, Hannah, died of pneumococcal septicaemia in 2003

Emma Walker

As I was only two the only memories I have of my little sister are when she was born and when she was in hospital. These memories are just very small and something in a blink of an eye, I don’t think I understood at the time what was going on whilst my parents were away with Hannah.

I guess I didn’t understand why everyone was making a fuss. Now I know that Hannah died in the space of a week and the symptoms were not spotted quick enough to save her life.  

I have grown up with Meningitis Now and all of the lovely people there. I have also grown up with having meningitis part of my life, and my sister’s death normal to me as I have never known any different from not having another part of the family. Meningitis should not be normal in anyway, so my aim as a young ambassador is to get rid of this horrible disease. 

The worst part of not having my little is what I missed out on and will never have her, something most people take for granted. I have always had to explain to people I have become friends with about how I have another sister and it’s always a bit awkward, as they immediately apologise thinking they should avoid the subject.  I aim to give information to all the many people who still don’t know what it is and help as many people as I can about meningitis.

In the past, I have been given many opportunities to support Meningitis Now. For example, I have taken part in the Five Valleys Walk ever since 2003 and completed it four times, and in 2010 completing 11.5 miles.  I will have supported at the London Marathon three times in 2016 and often participate in bucket shaking at large events like Cheltenham race week, raising over a thousand pounds. I am excited to get more involved in the fight against meningitis as a young ambassador.