Meningitis Now staff member Helen Hillier

Student Awareness Week 2016

Helen Hillier 17th October 2016

This Student Awareness Week make sure you tell people about signs & symptoms and the MenACWY vaccine - it could save someones life! #ACWYnot

SAW 1 Collage

Student Awareness Week  24 – 30 October

Student Awareness Week is being held across UK unis and colleges this October to make sure that all students know they are at risk of meningitis.

Volunteers including those with personal experience of the disease will be ‘adopting a campus’ and helping us tell students about the signs and symptoms of the disease and the free life-saving MenACWY vaccine.

Keep an eye on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram pages to find out what they are up to throughout the week!

To join in the conversation from home, why not tell us whether you’ve got the vaccine using the hashtag #ACWYnot

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To find out more about becoming a volunteer and raising awareness on campus email 

Volunteers who helped out last year:

Jemma Pressman:

“I loved helping with the Meningitis Now Student Awareness campaign. It’s a great way to meet students and change their perspective about the disease and to talk to them about why they should get the MenACWY vaccine.

I was a student when I contracted meningitis and it’s had a huge impact on my life. I’d encourage all students and young people to not take the risk and to get the vaccine as soon as possible."

Keeley Whitehead:

"Knowledge is power! Knowing the signs and symptoms and getting vaccinated could even save your life one day. If by sharing my story and raising awareness,  prevents one person going through what I have, then it's worth all my efforts!"

Visit our download and order section to order our free awareness materials (including beermats!)