Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Louise

Uni - Getting started

Louise P 27th October 2015

Aren’t my parents great? They spend twenty years raising me and then when I finally leave, they will lose a weekend driving me across the coast with a car packed full of all my new kitchenware (which they so kindly bought me) and my books to make sure that I get moved in and settled

Uni getting started
Awesome right?

Our car is going to be full. I guess I never realised just how much stuff you need in order to like, live.

Pots, pans, cutlery, plates, knives. Half the stuff we are going to buy when we get there. 

One of the things that I have already gotten though is a needle stuck in my arm. Whilst not entirely pleasant, the Men ACWY vaccine is essential for all freshers this year. 

I think anyone at university should be getting the vaccine but first years are most vulnerable. Take it from me; one injection now is a million times more preferable to what happens if you contract meningitis. Although it doesn’t mean students will be fully protected against the disease, and everybody still needs to be aware, you’ll be much better off. 

The number of Men W cases is increasing, which is a really scary prospect because it means the number of deaths is also increasing. The reason people of our age are being offered this vaccine nationwide for free is that although Men W cases have increased in all age groups, there has been significant increase in university students. Teenagers and young people are more likely to carry meningococcal bacteria in the back of their throats. 

By getting the vaccine, you are not only protecting yourself but also the people who care about you. And it only requires one dose. 

Five minutes could save your life.

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