19th October 2015

Thanks for dropping by to take a look at our brand new website, specially designed for you

Fight for now

We have spent the last few months creating ‘Fight for now’ - a fresh and sophisticated new site aimed at 16-25-year-olds. One of the key aspects that sets our new site apart is its relevance to young people. This was a key factor in its creation and is why all the content has been written by young people for young people.

We wanted to create an experience that’s relevant, innovative, easy to use and more interactive – and here it is. We have retained the same life-saving information and support but with less scientific jargon and a more personal approach. 

Our Young Ambassadors have played a key role in the creation of this site and will continue to act as a voice for young people across the platform.

The website is also mobile responsive, meaning it’s suitable for your laptop, mobile and tablet. As the site is also linked to our social media pages, you can receive live updates as and when they happen. 

Fancy a look around? You might want to check out: