Why Believe and Achieve?

14th November 2017

Alex Williams, Alison’s son, has had many words written and spoken about him and about his motto “Believe and Achieve”. Cheryl and I knew that for this programme to be able to make difference to those who have been impacted by meningitis we needed to keep Alex at the focus of everything

Why Believe and Achieve?

Because Alex was, among many things, an inspiration.

Alison told us of his dedication to raising awareness about meningitis, passion for what used to be the Meningitis Trust and positive outlook that affected many lives. It is testament to him that a huge number of things have been done in his name including the start and progress of this programme and the Believe and Achieve Trust, established by Alison. Alex talked about achieving the things you never thought you could and hopefully the Believe and Achieve programme will help those aged 14-25 years do just that.

Read Alex's story.

I felt honoured to have even a small part of Alex’s story shared with me and to hear how the Young Ambassadors began too, from Sue Davie the former CEO of Meningitis Now. Young Ambassadors make a significant difference to everything the charity does. They are regularly changing lives through giving out information, raising awareness of the signs and symptoms of meningitis, supporting families, holding and attending events to raise funds and getting involved in areas too numerous for me to mention.

Towards the end of my time in Manchester I met up with Chris Hughes and Rosie, who is a Young Ambassador. The last time I saw her she was sat on the other side of an interview table and I was on the receiving end of questions. Rosie is an inspiration to me and it’s impossible not to be swept up by her energy. Rosie posts blogs on Fight For Now and is a joy to share ideas with.

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I can’t wait to meet other Young Ambassadors and hear what you have to say about your experiences. My question this week is for you.

Why did you become a Young Ambassador and has it made a difference to you?