You can Believe and Achieve

17th October 2017

Hey! I’m Becky and I’m the new Believe and Achieve Programme Coordinator

Becky Fight For Now blog

 “What is that?”

Good question. Some of you will know all about it and some of you will be aware of some bits but not all.

I know how you feel. I have been learning all about the funding we were given by the Big Lottery and what that means for you. There has been a lot to do since I started and I was gutted not to have been able to meet those of you at the Young Ambassador training and those at 5 Valleys.

Each week I hope to tell you what I’m up to, give you a bit more information about Believe and Achieve and get some feedback about different aspects of the programme. We want this to be for you and made by you. Sounds cheesy? Well, that’s me and here are some other random facts about me.

  • I did my work experience at 16 at the film set of telletubbies – a real place with giant rabbits
  • I’m the youngest of 5 in my family, which meant a lot of cuddles and battles
  • My brother accidentally broke my arm when I was eleven. I think I’ve been clumsy ever since, I once fell down the stairs of the Great Pyramid in Cairo!
  • I love fancy dress and have dressed up as many things including Miss Congeniality, a Superhero and a pirate. I even have a dress up box

Now it’s your turn to tell me random facts about you and let me know if you’re already working on a Halloween outfit or if Halloween isn’t your thing.

I can be contacted via Facebook and via email too:

If you want to have a chat with me my direct number is 01453 769049.