Young Ambassador weekend

5th March 2018

Where were you last weekend?

Young Ambassador weekend

I was in the middle of nowhere - I’m talking the no phone signal, satnav struggling and massive hills kind of middle of nowhere - and it was amazing. 

The weekend of 24-25 February was the Young Ambassador weekend in Ilam Hall, Derbyshire. There was fun, controversial decisions about certain games, risk assessment worries when trick shots were being practised on the pool table (thankfully no mobile phone screens were harmed in the making of the trick shot) and for me there was the opportunity to meet some Young Ambassadors that I’d heard a lot about. 

It was great to watch YAs who have volunteered for years hanging out with those who were relative newbies in comparison. The aim was to give the YAs the opportunity to meet together, chat and maybe make new friends without having the pressure to train or fix to a rigid timetable. Thank you to the YAs and Volunteering team for giving me the chance to be a part of it. I also saw a competitive side to certain members of the Volunteering team that I was unprepared for. Be warned, you don’t want to be caught between those two when the games begin!

A big thank you to Ross, Huw and Fiona for organising the weekend and to Enable Law, Irwin Mitchell and Leigh Day for their funding that made this event possible.