Supporting you

You might feel that life will never be the same again. It may not, but there are things that can make a huge difference in recovery and learning to live with the changes meningitis has made to your life


We can provide support through our helpline, home visits or putting you in touch with someone who has been through a similar experience.

You don’t even have to pick up the phone - we’re right at your fingertips on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Find us at:


Twitter @meningitisnow

Instagram @meningitis_now

As well as providing support our social media platforms are there for you to share your stories and pictures, and ask us any questions you may have. This could be about your experience, fundraising, events you are taking part in or what’s happening near you.

Our social media channels are monitored throughout the day and into the evening, seven days a week, so whatever time of day you have a question, we will do our best to answer you as soon as we can. We may need to refer you to our website or one of our specialist experts, but you’ll still get a response. 

Meet our Young Ambassadors

Our YAs are an inspiration – each has their own story and reasons for becoming a part of the team. All of them are 14-25 years old and they have dedicated their valuable spare time to helping us raise awareness, as well as fundraising for us. 

Read their stories and more here