Support us at work

Looking for ways to support Meningitis Now? Have you thought about your place of work?

Young Ambassador day
Whether you’re an intern or apprentice, or you're already employed in your first job - wherever you work there will be something you can do.

1. Signs and symptoms cards saves lives – how many colleagues can you distribute these to? Whether you place some on your reception, ask HR to distribute them with the pay slips or electronically place a graphic of the signs and symptoms cards on the intranet, these are just a few ideas but we welcome you to come up with your own awareness ideas.

2. Does your company actively support charities – could you nominate us to benefit from this?

3. If they don’t, could you organise your own fundraiser

Whatever you do, thank you for joining us in our fight against meningitis. Our Director of Fundraising Beth would love to hear from you and is on hand to offer any support with your fundraising and awareness plans. You can email Beth at