How do I get treated?

Rapid admission to hospital and urgent treatment means meningitis is less likely to become life threatening

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Bacterial meningitis and septicaemia need urgent treatment with antibiotics and rapid admission to hospital. Whilst in hospital, other treatments, procedures and investigations will be carried out depending on the patient’s condition.

If someone is seriously ill, they will require specialist care and treatment in an intensive care unit. Here the doctors and nurses can closely monitor their condition, respond to emergencies and provide immediate support when it is needed. 

Viral meningitis cannot be treated with antibiotics, but in some cases, antibiotics may be started on admission to hospital because the cause of meningitis is not known. Antibiotics are usually discontinued if viral meningitis is diagnosed.

There is no specific treatment for most cases of viral meningitis. Patients need to be hydrated with fluids, given painkillers and allowed to rest in order to make as complete a recovery as possible.