How septicaemia can affect you

Septicaemia is blood poisoning and the damage it causes can affect major organs

Fight for now

This can lead to:

  • Scarring and tissue damage – Damage caused by septicaemia can prevent skin and tissues receiving oxygen, causing them to die. This often results in scarring, which can be permanent. Skin grafts and plastic surgery can improve the appearance and function of damaged areas, however long term care is required.
  • Limb and digit loss – In severe cases of septicaemia, amputation may be necessary. This is because the body will try to maintain blood supplies to vital organs, cutting off supplies to areas such as hands and feet. Without blood and oxygen reaching the skin in these areas, tissue begins to die, leading to the loss of fingers and toes, or the amputation of limbs. Treatment and recovery can be a long process.
  • Bone growth problems – In severe cases of septicaemia, growth plates at the end of bones can become damaged, resulting in bones growing unevenly. As bones grow slowly, these problems may take a long time to present themselves. Find out more about bone growth problems.
  • Organ failure – Reduced blood circulation to vital organs (such as the liver or kidneys) can cause them to fail. In this instance, treatment within an intensive care unit will usually be required. In most cases, organs will recover completely but occasionally the damage is permanent and requires life-long treatment. 
How can we help?

Are you suffering the effects of septicaemia and need some advice? Are you worried about returning to education or work? Don’t suffer in silence – call our helpline on 0808 80 10 388 for a chat to our experienced staff and find out how we can support you.