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Legal resources

Although Meningitis Now cannot formally endorse any law firm, we are pleased to provide information on a range of legal subjects, which has been provided by Irwin Mitchell, Anthony Collins and Enable Law.

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We do not receive any referral fee should you wish to contact them for more detail on the information shown.

These firms all have extensive clinical negligence experience and strong reputations in the areas that are particularly relevant after meningitis.

Clinical negligence

How are the legal fees for a medical negligence claim paid?

There are various options for funding a case. It is essential that the right option is chosen at the beginning of a case to make sure the client is protected financially. Not all options will be right for every client. It is therefore important that tailored advice to the specific circumstances of the case is provided from the outset to avoid difficulties at the end of the case.

Support with clinical negligence and personal injury


When a loved one dies unexpectedly or in circumstances that cause concern that it could have been prevented the family will often be bewildered and want to know how it will be investigated. It can sometimes feel as if the authorities are not taking the death sufficiently seriously and, worst of all, that the family is being pushed out of the investigation process at a time when they are grieving. It helps to have information early on, so that those concerned can have as much knowledge about the investigation, to be able to make their own contribution

Rehabilitation and Case Management

If you make a clinical negligence claim, your lawyers will work hard to help you get the compensation you need. But they also know that you might need specialist medical care, rehabilitation and support.

Disability and educational rights

  • Up to a third of people are left with lifelong after-effects following meningitis
  • Help is available, but you might need guidance on what you are entitled to
  • Do not worry how long ago the meningitis experience was, as often the impact is not evident for some time, especially with children. Advice is there for you whenever you need it

Work and employment

  • Even if you’ve had a good outcome, it is important to manage your return to work carefully
  • If you’ve been left with after-effects, it might mean you can’t undertake the work you did before, or you need extra assistance or aids to help you
  • Understanding your rights will help in your return to work