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Sleep Management Course 2024

This course is for adults aged 18 + who have had meningitis. The online sessions will focus on helping you to understand how sleep works and will introduce a variety of self-help strategies.

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Date & Time: Every Wednesday 10-11.30am, from Wednesday the 5th June to the 10th July 2024 (6 week course)

Where: Online via Zoom

Who: Adults aged 18 and over who have had meningitis.

Through our existing Keep Connected Online sessions and support work as well as evidence we’ve collected over the years, we have seen that sleep is a big issue for the people we support.

Meningitis can have a variety of long-term impacts. While recovery is straightforward for some, it is more complicated for others. There are reports of sleep disorders such as excessive daytime sleepiness (also called hypersomnia) occurring in just over a third of people post-meningitis. Insomnia due to pain (such as headaches) and anxiety as well as trauma-induced nightmares and restless, disturbed sleep are also likely. Whatever the cause, poor sleep can lead to daytime problems with concentration (also known as brain fog), irritability and low mood.

The six Wednesday morning sessions focus on helping you to understand how sleep works and will introduce a variety of self-help strategies working towards improving the quality of the sleep you are getting with the aim of improving your wellbeing and quality of life.

The course is for adults who have had bacterial or viral meningitis. You might have had the disease years ago, or you might have had it more recently.

It will be hosted by Dr Sue Jackson and a member of the Meningitis Now support team.

Dr Sue Jackson is a chartered psychologist who has conducted extensive research on health conditions and health service improvement. In her private practice she specialises in working with clients with chronic mental and physical health problems.

Sue led our Anxiety Management Course last year and here’s some of the feedback from participants from that course...

“I have found this course to be one of the most useful single things I have done in 10 or so years, post ABI.”

“Sue is a brilliant speaker and very easy to listen to - normally after 45 mins my concentration level goes, but last night I was taking it all in.” 

Please note that this course isn’t group therapy or an intervention for ongoing and severe sleep problems. This is a course for learning and self-help for sleep problems. We always advise people to see their GP in the first instance if they are concerned about their sleep or fatigue. These sessions aren’t drop-in sessions as they build on each other and the self-help for your sleep. By signing up for this course you are agreeing to attend all sessions where possible.

We will limit the attendees to 14 adults. Please sign up as soon as possible to get your place. See the Terms and Conditions for further details about the course.