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Ellis Challis: survivor and swimming superstar

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Meningitis Now supporter Ellie is taking the swimming world by storm.

“I had meningitis at 16 months old and it affected me as I became a four limb amputee. However I have a lot of confidence and won’t let this stop me from getting through my everyday life."

“My biggest challenge has been learning how to swim as it took me a couple of years to learn and I only pushed myself and believed I could swim after seeing another four limb amputee swim and I knew at that moment I could do it. My proudest moment is winning a bronze medal at the World Para Swimming Allianz Championships. The best thing about competing for GB is hearing the crowd cheering as you come out for your race."

“I haven’t had any “low determination” moments as I have such a good support team behind me. Swimming is not something I have always wanted to do before I started competing but once I started competitions I loved it and loved going to training. Mixing school and swimming is very easy because my school has been so supportive and helped me with anything I needed."

“Through swimming I have made a lot of friends throughout the country. I have met a lot of people that have meningitis the same as me at different events. To the people that struggle with motivation and to keep fit, you just have to find something you love which helps you to keep fit. The best thing about swimming is travelling around the country and making loads of new friends as I am a very sociable person. Also I love to make my family and friends proud of me.”