Current campaigns

In September 2015 we achieved a key part of Beat It Now! campaign through the introduction of the meningococcal group B vaccine B (Men B) to all children aged 1 as part of the childhood immunisation programme

Our campaign priorities

For many parents the announcement of the Men B vaccine for UK babies was a bitter sweet moment as they realised that their baby fell outside the governments defined age range for immunisation. We have vowed to:

  • Fight for all children up to the age of 5 to be offered the Men B vaccine under the NHS
  • Ensure that fairer and more just methods are used by policymakers to assess the cost effectiveness of vaccines. This includes considering how peace of mind health benefits can be included in the cost effectiveness framework
  • To ensure that the government honours its commitment to carrying out an important Men B carriage study amongst adolescents.  This study could determine the important role that vaccinating this age group could have in protecting the wider population
Help us protect Students from Men W

In addition to broadening the protection offered by the Men B vaccine, we are determined to improve uptake of the Men ACWY vaccine amongst 18 to 19 years olds attending university. Introduced in August 2015 to protect this group against an increase in Men W cases, the uptake of this vaccine in England is poor with only 33% of those being eligible for the vaccine in years 1 and 2 actually receiving it. 2017 marks the final year in this vaccination programme ands we are more determined than ever to improve on this position.  Alongside poor vaccination numbers, the number of cases of Men W in England continue to rise, up from 176 in 2014/2015 to 210 last year.

Uptake in Wales and Northern Ireland is believed to be similar to that of England. Scotland vaccinated its entire cohort in 2015. 

As part of our campaign to improve uptake of this lifesaving vaccine we are asking all MPs to make this an issue in their constituencies by writing to local GPs and universities and asking them to do more to inform and motivate the young people in their care.  To assist in this we have produced template letters and local press releases for use by MPs.

Download them here:

Join us

As a part of our ongoing commitment to keep MPs updated on key issues around meningitis we publish regular MP briefing documents and hold annual briefing events in Westminster. Attended by families directly affected by the disease, these events offer an ideal opportunity to hear first-hand how this devastating disease changed their lives and futures.

Get involved help us reduce the burden of meningitis by supporting our policy priorities.

  • You can also help us ensure that meningitis stays on the health agenda by:
  • Asking parliamentary questions 
  • Raising the profile of every meningitis case that occurs in your constituency
  • Taking part in our campaigns. 
  • Attending parliamentary briefings and events
  • Meeting with families affected by meningitis in your constituency

Get involved

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make a difference, we’d love to hear from you or your office email. Email us on