Free resources for childcare providers

We can provide a range of free printed and digital resources for you to raise awareness with your staff and parents/carers

MARM Nurseries lb 5 Free Resources

These include:

Over the years we have distributed millions of symptoms cards, leaflets and posters. They are a great way of raising awareness amongst staff and parents/carers:

  • Signs and symptoms cards can be distributed to all new parents in their induction/welcome pack
  • Signs and symptoms cards can be displayed in prominent areas for parents and visitors
  • Posters can be displayed on staff notice boards 
  • Parents can be encouraged via emails and newsletters to download our mobile app
  • Videos can be used in staff training sessions and embedded in intranets and websites

Meningitis messages including information on signs and symptoms and vaccinations should be distributed throughout the year. Social media and internet applications are a great way to do this.

Eager Beavers Nursery Group in Somerset became 'Meningitis Aware' in 2018. Annette Stacey from the nursery said,

We wanted to become ‘meningitis aware’ because we have seen for ourselves the effects meningitis can have on a family. It is important for us to raise as much awareness as we can for parents/carers/staff, so that everyone remains vigilant.

It was really easy to register and the check list was very clear and easy to use and not at all time-consuming. The tool kits are brilliant and informative and we had leaflets and cards already that we had previously ordered. We received great help and support from the Meningitis Now team (we feel we have made some real friends!)

The Facebook pages are also fantastic and really helpful. There are lots of things on there that I can share to keep our parents and carers updated such as information on vaccines, events and inspirational stories.