Planning ahead

Drawing up plans to prepare for a case of meningitis or meningococcal disease

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Most universities now recognise the importance of preventing meningococcal disease and acting quickly to save lives.

In response, many have worked with local health protection teams to put plans in place. These plans should include ongoing awareness raising activities, vaccine promotion and action to be taken if a single case or an outbreak of meningitis or meningococcal disease occurs. They should be reviewed and updated regularly.

We are very lucky to be able to share with you a link to the Infectious Disease Protocol of the University of Bristol. This protocol is comprehensive and has been successfully put into action on a number of occasions.

Along with the protocol, you will also find other useful documents that support the policy and contain additional useful information to help you plan ahead.

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Working with the University of Bristol

We would like to thank the University of Bristol’s Division of Support Services, including Student Health Services, for all their help and support in developing MARM for Universities and for generously sharing their infectious disease policy documents.

"Meningitis has always been a significant concern for students at university, especially for Freshers planning to live in university accommodation. At the University of Bristol we have consistently taken a proactive and sector-leading approach to meningitis prevention, education and awareness raising, from the day our students arrive to start their university careers.

We are delighted to have worked with Meningitis Now on the development of this new Recognition Mark, with the hope of ‘raising the bar’ nationally for meningitis awareness and prevention. It is vital for the health of the next generation that universities prioritise a coordinated and effective approach to tackling this potentially fatal disease. 

Let your students know that you care by ensuring your university is awarded the MARM!"

Dr Dominique Thompson, Director of Service, University of Bristol Students’ Health Service.