Current research projects

We are proud to be funding multiple research projects across the UK at the moment, working towards our ultimate aim of eradicating meningitis


Pneumococcal Meningitis - University College London

Professor Jeremy Brown & Professor Brendan Wren are investigating whether the new vaccine can be effective against multiple different serotypes rather than just the one.

TB meningitis - Imperial College London and Francis Crick Institute, London

Professor Robert J Wilkinson, Dr Rachel P-J Lai, Dr Alize Proust, Dr Angharad G Davis and Professor Katalin A Wilkinson are investigating how TB causing bacteria enter the brain, and how the brain responds to infection and treatment.

Meningococcal disease - Bristol

Professor Adam Finn, Dr Matthew Snape, Dr Caroline Trotter and Professor Martin Maiden are bringing together all of the swabs collected in the Be on the TEAM study to analyse meningococcal carriage and carriage density.

TB Meningitis - University College London and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Dr Robindra Basu Roy (Chief Investigator), Dr Suzanne Anderson, Dr Chishala Chabala, Professor Diana Gibb, Dr Hilda Mujuru, Dr James Seddon,  Dr Eric Wobudeya anticipate that this research will enable the evaluation and development of novel diagnostics for TBM in children, hopefully leading to improved tests and outcomes.

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