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Alissa's story

1st April 2010

In April 2010, two year-old, Alissa Chowdhury was lying in a hospital bed after losing her legs and right hand after contracting meningococcal meningitis and septicaemia

Alissa's story

After putting her into a coma to stabilise her condition, doctors were forced to carry out the amputation when the blood supply to her hands and feet was restricted.

Alissa recovered from the meningitis and, although she was initially shocked by the loss of her legs and hand, she quickly adapted.

Her dad Manuel Chowdhury, 25, said: “At first she would stare at the point where her hand and legs used to be and she was very quiet and subdued.

But as soon as she could move she was happy again, and within a few days she was able to hold her bottle.”

He added: “The way Alissa takes everything in her stride is phenomenal. She just develops the only way she can and gets on with life.

She is always happy and smiling, and she is so intelligent and knows exactly what her limitations are and when she can and can't push herself.”

Her parents have sent us a video of Alissa taking her first steps without holding onto anyone’s hands which you can watch below.

In January 2013 Manuel and his band Urban Prophecies, released a single, 'Wires' with all profits going to our charity, as well as making sure everybody knows about meningitis.

Manuel was at home at the time Alissa took her first steps and his wife called and told him to wait at the corner of the road as she was on her way home.

Manuel describes that day; “I saw Alissa walking down the road on her own, she toddled up to me and gave me a massive cuddle.”

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