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Amber N's story

26th January 2017

Yasmin’s little girl Amber, from Sidcup in Kent, was not her normal self. She was not feeding and crying. Mum initially put it down to her having an off day because she was tired but when Amber’s symptoms worsened she knew it was time to seek help. Fortunately Amber has made a good recovery. Yasmin tells their story here

Amber N's story

“My daughter Amber was just five-weeks-old and one day she just wasn't her normal self.

She was crying all day and wasn't taking any of her milk. I thought she was just having an ‘offish’ day, so I put it down to her being tired.

“She got worse as the day went on. She started to become really floppy and unresponsive and I noticed her breathing had changed. Then I was really worried.

“I called the hospital to see what I should do and they said to bring her in ASAP. So I took her in and they admitted her straight away. The doctor checked her temperature and it was over 40 and then a rash started to come out all over her body.

I was so scared

“By this time I was so scared and worried. I said to my mum, who was with me, "Is she going to make it?"

“The doctor said to me that they were going to treat her for meningitis. Hearing those words was so horrible and scary; I never thought that my child would go through that! I have never been so scared in my life and I just had to trust that the doctors and nurses would make her better.

“Amber had to have the dreaded lumbar puncture to confirm that she did in fact have meningitis.

“My tiny five-week-old baby had so many cannulas put through her little hands and was fed through a tube as well.

Allowed to take her home

“After a horrible time in hospital, just over a week, Amber got better and I was allowed to take my little princess home to enjoy her and look after her.

“I will never forget what happened to her but I just want to thank all the doctors and nurses for doing their best and saving Amber.

“If anyone has children who get these symptoms then please make sure you either ring for help and advice or take them to the doctors/hospital straight away.

“Since coming home Amber has had a check-up at the hospital to make sure that her meningitis caused no lasting damage to her body. Thankfully it didn't.

“She is now 18 months old and very fit and healthy.

“Reading over people’s stories on the Meningitis Now website has shown me the symptoms to look out for in case it should ever happen again! I'm glad I could share my story with you. Thank you.”