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Billy M's story

23rd May 2016

Charleine’s young son Billy contracted viral meningitis at just six days old in October 2014. He had a high temperature, was very floppy and cried a lot. It was a worrying time, but thankfully Billy has recovered well. Charleine, from London, tells their story

Billy M's story

“My baby boy, Billy, at six days old – a time where you want to show your baby off and just hold him in your arms – was almost taken away within minutes.

“He was so lifeless and there was not one thing that I as a mum could do to take this all away. I feared for his life – it was like someone had ripped me apart. My boy had tubes all over him; the not knowing what was going to be the outcome was so hard. To be told your child has meningitis is something as a mum you don't want to believe.

“Billy is coming up to 2 now and doing well, but it will always be with us. We are taking life one day at a time and just hoping there are no long-term problems. I am planning on doing a walk for Meningitis Now. Just being able to look on the web pages and see some of the stories has helped a lot in coming to terms with it all.”