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Chantelle's story

26th June 2015

Flu-like symptoms were the first sign that one-year-old Chantelle was unwell

Chantelle's story

Concerned mother, Keeley Grotz’s soon noticed a rash on her daughter’s leg and rushed her to A & E. She tells her story here.

“My daughter became unwell on 16th November 2004. Her symptoms were very flu-like. She was sick a little bit, but nothing bad that would cause alarm. She was still full of life.

During the night Chantelle became very hot. I phoned the doctor but was told to leave her to rest and recover. Even though I described how hot she was, he told me just to give her Calpol and let her rest until the morning."

Eight days in a coma

“I left her for a few hours but something just wasn't right. I stripped her down and noticed spots on her leg. They formed a purple coloured rash so I ran to the kitchen to get a glass which I pressed over it. When the rash didn't disappear I quickly phoned an ambulance.

The ambulance was here within minutes and Chantelle was rushed to A & E. Doctors gave me just five minutes with her before she was ventilated and taken to Newcastle hospital. She spent the next eight days in a coma.

Six days later she had her right foot amputated and part of her left foot due to septicaemia.”

The best day of our lives

“Chantelle spent another month in hospital to recover before we were eventually allowed to bring her home on 23rd December. It was the best day of our lives!

Chantelle has regular visits to get new prosthetics and is doing great. She has scars all over her body but life doesn't knock her down. She always has the biggest smile on her face and she's such a happy girl.

She is now 12 and in midstream school. Chantelle is one of the most caring children I've ever known. She's our little hero!”