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Coby H's story

30th June 2022

Keely’s one-year-old son Coby seemed to be coming down with a cold, but very quickly became worse and was rushed to hospital. Despite the speed of treatment he died from meningitis the following day

Coby H's story

Keely, from Barnsley in South Yorkshire, tells their sad story here.

“On 25 July 2021 my one-year-old son sadly passed away from meningococcal septicaemia.

“The day before Coby seemed like he was coming down with a slight cold. After Calpol he picked up and we decided he was well enough to go on holiday to Filey with his grandparents.

“At 4pm my mum called to inform me Coby really wasn't presenting correctly after a nap. He was lethargic, floppy and his breathing was rapid. He also had a small purple mark on his right big toe and under his left arm.

Rushed to hospital

“Coby was rushed to Scarborough A&E, where he was immediately put on oxygen and given antibiotics and fluids for meningitis, as well as a lumbar puncture and a procedure on his shin to test his bone marrow.

“His dad and I rushed to Scarborough to be by his side and it was decided we needed to collect Coby and move him to a children’s hospital, as he was progressively getting worse and the antibiotics were not working. He was induced into a coma at around 10pm, just before the team moving him arrived.

“Sadly, after suffering a cardiac arrest in Scarborough and another in the ambulance on the way to Leeds General Infirmary, Coby was pronounced dead at 6:08am on 25 July 2021.

“Coby was up to date with all of his vaccines and when public health tested Coby's blood it was determined he had no antibodies for the strain of meningitis which he had contracted.”