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Corrine's story

2nd December 2014

Jackie Hill's day started like any other but when her daughter Corrine fell ill she had no idea how it would affect her, Corrine's sister Jodee and the rest of the family

Corrine's story

"The 2nd April 2001 started like any other Monday morning, but turned out to be the worst day of my life.

Corrine appeared a little quiet and she complained her knee was aching when she got out of bed for school, but I didn't think too much of this because she had been delivering leaflets with her Dad the day before.

Just a few hours later Corrine was sent home from school, my sister collected her because I was working but she called me straight away. Corrine went straight to bed complaining of a headache and flu like symptoms.

When I arrived at my sister's, Corrine heard me and came downstairs. She was very pale and said she felt very weak. I called the doctor and made an emergency appointment. When we arrived at the surgery Corrine vomited and there were traces of blood in it. The doctor said this was unusual for a child and so sent her to the local hospital for tests."

Arriving at hospital

"When we arrived at the hospital I had to wake Corrine because she had fallen asleep on the back seat of my car. Corrine managed to walk to the casualty department with my support, but slumped in a chair as soon as we were inside. The nurses immediately came rushing over, took her into a room, took off her clothes and then connected her to some machines to measure her blood pressure and pulse.

She was seen by a couple of doctors and then the worst moment came - the doctors said that they suspected meningitis. I was uncontrollable. I was asked if I wanted to call anyone. I telephoned my sister and Corrine's dad.

I sat in the office and I could hear her having seizures. The nurses came in and asked if we would like to see Corrine before she was sedated, as she was going down to x-ray for a CT scan. I was very scared because there were crowds of doctors and nurses. I don't know whether Corrine knew I was there. Her face was purple."

The worst news

"I was being kept informed from time to time and was told that Corrine was very poorly and then the fatal blow that she may not survive. My head was reeling and I was screaming inside "not my baby.

We were taken to the CT scan room, I saw the consultant standing at the end of the corridor with Corrine's nurse, and I knew then that my little girl had died.

The consultant broke the news gently and told me that Corrine had suffered a cardiac arrest and that they were unable to resuscitate her. We went to see Corrine; my beautiful girl looked so peaceful.

All this happened so quickly. The consultant told us that he had seen many cases of meningitis, but never had he seen one that had taken over so rapidly. I still can't believe my little girl won't be coming home again. I miss her so much and her sister Jodee has lost a great playmate.

All this has had a devastating effect on my family, we feel as though our hearts are breaking. Corrine was a very bright girl, she loved music and her computer and I know she would be delighted that her story is on the internet.

We would like to thank Steve Dayman and everyone at Meningitis Now for all their support, help and understanding."