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Daniel D's story

21st May 2020

Mum Jacqui just knew something was wrong with her 7 week son Daniel. He was unsettled, grunting and disliked contact – things clearly weren’t right!

Daniel D's story

“It started when my 7 week old son Daniel was very unsettled.

He was also making a grunting sound as he cried, had a temperature and was sick, and whilst these are all real causes for concern the fact that I, his mum, couldn’t console him was truly heart wrenching.

"I phoned NHS 24hr right away. They put it down to reflux, but as the day went on Daniel became worse, even more unsettled. The sight of a rash across his body struck me with fear and a call to the GP had us in the surgery without delay.

“As soon as the doctor saw Daniel, she knew exactly what she was dealing with. Whilst not saying anything to me, he started treating Daniel with antibiotics and called for an ambulance. The speed at which things were happening was scary and it seems that within 5 minutes of reaching the GP surgery, my 7 week old son was being ‘blue lighted’ to our local children’s hospital in Crosshouse in Kilmarnock.

Exhaustive tests confirm worst fears

“After a series of tests including bloods, urine, mouth swabs, x-rays, plus two lumbar punctures, the doctors confirmed my fears, that Daniel had meningitis – the very worst news any parent would wish to receive. I stayed with Daniel in hospital for 6 days, isolated in a room until the type of meningitis was confirmed, a process that was extremely tough as we have a 2 year old child at home who also wanted his mummy.

“The result of the tests showed that Daniel had contracted viral meningitis and that we could take him home just as soon as he was well enough.

Daniel is thriving

“Daniel is now 3 months old weighing a massive 16lb and he’s doing great. We’ve been told that he could have some long term effects, but right now, he’s thriving and has just learned how to roll over. We are so grateful for the doctors and nurses who spotted Daniel’s symptoms and helped care for him."