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Ellie R's story

6th February 2021

Katie’s young daughter Ellie was sleeping through feeds and had a high temperature so, trusting her instinct, Katie took her to A&E

Ellie R's story

Tests showed Ellie had contracted meningitis but thankfully she responded well to treatment, as Katie, from Derby, tells us here.

“On Father’s Day 2020, whilst making a cake for dad whilst he was at work, I noticed my little girl (then 10 weeks old) had fallen asleep in her rocker. She had never done this before but I left her to it.

“As the day went on I noticed she had been asleep a lot more than usual and she hadn’t woken for her feed when she normally did.

She felt really warm

“I took her off my chest to wake her for a feed and when I felt her she felt really warm.

“I rushed her downstairs and did my temperature first and then hers, three times. All three times it was 38.4. We hadn’t left the house for obvious reasons, but my gut was telling me something wasn’t right.

“I phoned 111 and they said for me to wait for someone to phone me, but I knew something wasn’t right so I took her to A&E straight away.

“We were seen within minutes and as soon as they took her temperature I had three doctors come in and take bloods from her and examine her.

Needed to drain fluid

“They told me they needed to put a needle in her back to drain fluid but I was advised not to be in the room, so I left.

“We were placed on a Covid ward until the results came back. Ellie had a cannula put in her and we were told at midnight she had meningitis. They weren’t sure which type yet, so they were starting a course of antibiotics straight away.

“We were allowed to leave hospital after two nights but had to go back every day for two weeks for a round of antibiotics.

“Now Ellie is doing amazingly well and is ahead of all her milestones.”