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Ember E's story

31st January 2020

Baby Ember completed her family, but within a day she showed signs of being ill with red hands and feet, slight grunting whilst breathing and mottled skin at the top of her legs

Ember E's story

She was taken to hospital but lost her battle with meningitis just days later, leaving her family heartbroken.

Mum Kathryn, from Paulton near Bath, tells her sad story here.

“Our lives changed on 18 November 2019, when our daughter, Ember, was born and our family became complete.

“Unfortunately, our lives changed again and forever on 19 November 2019 when Ember contracted meningitis and passed away six days later after a battle for her life.

“The day that Ember contracted meningitis seemed completely normal until we had a midwife check and she was worried that Ember had a slight temperature and her hands and feet were a bit red.

“An ambulance was called for us and we were taken to our nearest neo-natal unit.

Deteriorated dramatically

“When the ambulance staff arrived they did checks on Ember and, although her vitals were ‘a little outside of normal’ they didn’t have any major concerns but thought it would be best that she still get checked over.

“Upon arriving at the hospital, Ember deteriorated dramatically in the course of a couple of hours, and unfortunately never recovered.

“The six days that we were in NICU with Ember were unbearable, seeing her deteriorate so quickly and feeling so helpless. The idea of not being able to save your child whilst they battle such a deadly disease is truly heart-breaking.

“The day that we knew that Ember had lost her battle was truly the worst day of our lives. To lose your baby at just one week old, and to have to tell your other child that her sister isn’t coming home is utterly devastating.

“Although we are grateful that we got to meet our little angel and that we got to spend at least some time with her, meningitis has truly broken our hearts and left a void in our lives that can never be filled.”

A Forever Fund dedicated to Ember’s memory and supporting our ongoing work has been set up here.